Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To Walk or Stay by Lara Williams

This week, To Walk or Stay by Lara Williams is officially being launched. I mentioned this book in an earlier post, but wanted to remind you again why you need to pick up this book.

Lara Williams is my favorite blogger/author and has a God-given ability to speak God's truths in the most beautiful ways. I have never met her in person, but know that if I had, we would be fast friends. She is funny, and thoughtful and knows Him well because she has traveled through the Valley with Him. She is grounded in His Word and brave enough to speak truth in difficult circumstances and situations. This book is basically a compilation of things that God spoke to her during the process of her husband's infidelity and then her choice in allowing God to heal, renew and restore her message.

Here are some of my favorite parts:
"But more than my fleeting happiness, God's agenda in my life includes Him making me holy. I may need to repeat that. God's agenda in my life includes Him making me holy. And my transformation into a holy vessel often comes through suffering, by which He sheds needful things from me".

"I had a choice. I could've walked. I could've quit. I could've packed up the kids and run away. In fact my emotions screamed at me to leave. But deep down where God's spirit stirs, He prompted me towards something different- something radically foreign...I clearly sensed Him saying, "If you choose to leave you will miss my ultimate blessing".

"Whether we like war-talk or not, we're in the midst of a battle. And it isn't fluffy and pretty. Peter describes the enemy as a lion seeking whom he may devour. He prowls and pursues. He tempts and twists. He knows our weaknesses and attacks relentlessly- though within the boundaries our Father sets for His children. Because of WHOM we are fighting agains, we have to clothe ourselves with armor that will actually protect. In those early years of marriage, I wasn't battling my man. It felt like I was battling my man, but ultimately, I battled agains an enemy out to destroy our home".

"When faced with difficulties we have choice as to where we begin. We can begin wtih the trial and define God through the lens of circumstance, or we can begin with God and define the trial through the lens of His revealed character".
This book The truths in this book can change your heart, your marriage, your home, your calling. You can purchase this book from Amazon here: (This is NOT an affiliate link) or learn more information by visiting Lara's blog at . While there, go ahead and subscribe to her blog so that you don't miss one thing she is writing. You do NOT want to miss this.

Love y'all!

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