Monday, March 11, 2013

One on One Dates

Each month, we have started trying to take a one on one date with each kid. This doesn't always happen, but is something that the kids are starting to love and really look forward to (as are we!).

At the beginning of February, we took our first Mommy and Mack date and Marcus took K on a date (they have been on several dates before). It ended up snowing that afternoon, so we got a bit of a late start.

K dressed up in whatever she wanted to wear (only her poofiest, fanciest dress would do!) and Mack decided what he wanted me to wear. Out of all the things in my closet, he picked a scarf, lol.

 The only rules that we have are: Each pair only gets to spend $20 and we have to be home in time from our dates to have a little family time before bed.

Mack wanted to go somewhere for supper that he could eat fruit, so we went to the chinese buffet close to our house. After that we went to the Dollar Store where he got to pick out anything he wanted and then we went to Sweet Frog for ice cream.

Karsyn wanted to go to a 'fancy restaurant' so they chose Naganos (a fast food type Japanese place). She loves their rice and sauce (which is really a bowl of shrimp sauce with a little rice if it's up to K) and feels like she is eating a super nice place when we go there. After that they went to Wal-Mart to look at toys and then went to Udderly Delicious Ice Cream.

For our next round of dates, K was with me, and M was with Marcus.
Here are our pictures before we went out:
K picked one of her dresses plus her jewelry, favorite hair bow, and sparkly shoes. Mack only insisted on both he and his Daddy wearing their work boots.

Mack wanted them to show their muscles here.

K insisted on wanting pancakes for supper, so she and I headed out to IHOP.
She ordered a chocolate pancake with chocolate chips, whipped cream and cherries along with a Sprite. Sugar overload.
We kept ourselves occupied while waiting for our food by taking whatever pictures K wanted to.

We had a blast!!! She was such a little lady and loved ordering from the menu for herself and then thanking the waitress for her help and service. After IHOP we went looking for K a new raincoat. After visiting three stores, we arrived at Target. After trying on many, many of them, she finally settled on a pink one with a green lining. We were so sugared out that we just went home after that.

Marcus and Mack went to the same Chinese buffet again (per Mack's request) and then headed to Walmart to look at the tools (again, Mack's request). They finished up by stopping at the park and playing for a bit until they were too cold.

I hope that these date nights are a tradition that we continue for years to come. Such sweet, special memories. The kids get so excited before the date that they spend the week before planning what exactly they want us to do with them. They love the undivided attention they get and also getting to enjoy doing some fun things that we don't normally do.

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