Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chocolate Peanut Butter Breakfast Protein Shake

One of my favorite breakfasts is a smoothie that I first learned about through a book called the Abs Diet. This 'diet' isn't really a diet at all, but a way of focusing on powerfoods that serve in firing up your metabolism to make you lose fat. Notice I didn't say lose weight, but lose fat. It isn't a diet where you count calories, or are really ever even hungry. It focuses on eating whole, healthy foods that make you have more energy, feel fuller and end up eventually helping you to change your body shape and composition.

Because of that, this is not a low-cal breakfast, but definitely one full of protein and will keep you moving through your day with energy. Another bonus- this is DELICIOUS. Even my 2 year old son loves to drink it for breakfast.

We got the Original Recipe called "Choconana" and then I added my own tweaks to it.

Here's how I make this delicious concoction:

Here are the ingredients you will use:

First, peel a banana and add it to your blender.
Add in two or three heaping Tablespoons of the yogurt of your choice. today I used Dannon Light and Fit Vanilla because it's what we had.

Next add a handful of chopped almonds (I used sliced today. If you only have whole almonds, run a knife over them a few times then drop into blender.)

Next add 1 cup of lowfat chocolate milk.

Add in one scoop of protein powder of your choosing (I used Chocolate Peanut Butter)

I plop in a Tablespoon of Natural peanut butter because I like the taste and the added protein.

Add in some ice- I usually put in about 6-8 cubes.

Turn on the blender and let it run. You really want the shake to double in volume (or at least increase). I usually blend it a bit, then stop to stir in any PB that isn't mixing in well, then blend another minute or two.

Pour into containers of your choosing...

And Enjoy!!

***Please note that this makes two servings. As delicious as this shake is, if you drink the whole thing, I doubt you'll be losing any fat, lol. I usually drink half then the kids split the other half. Today, M enjoyed it so much that he drank half of the batch plus part of mine also.

What about you? What's a healthy breakfast option that you frequently rely on?

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