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Grandparents Day

In honor of Grandparents Day 2011, I'd like to share the post I wrote last year.
If your grandparents are still alive, stop what you're doing right now and go call them. Tell them you love them. Spend time with them, ask them stories about their childhoods, soak in their presence. What a treasure Grandparents are!

(Last year's post)
Today is Grandparents day. I'd like to tell you a little about my grandparents.

We called my mom's parents Popow and Grandmommy. There were so very important in my life. I got to go spend the night at their house every week or two, they came to all of my ballgames, dance concerts, music recitals, chorus performances, pageants, reward ceremonies, graduations...EVERYTHING that was important to me. They were always involved and present in my life. I was so very blessed to have them!

My grandmommy was special, and we were always very close. When something good happened to me, she was one of the first people I'd want to call and tell. When I was sad, her house was often the place I would go. I can remember many times going to her house when upset and she'd fix me my favorite foods, and then she'd scratch my back and love on me until I felt better. We used to laugh because when I was younger, I'd lay on the couch and she would bring me snack after snack as we watched TGIF shows. She'd say, "queen of sheba, is there anything else I can get you?" as she'd bow down playfully. I remember how much I loved spending the night at her house and laying in bed with her as she would tell me the best bedtime stories you've ever heard. She was so good with children and kids, and made this her profession for years. She loved to feed people and she was the Master Couponer, before there were even coupon websites around to help. She had red hair and I loved to sit beside her and squeeze her on the back of her arms. They were so soft and warm. She would pick us up from school in the afternoons and ask you so many questions that we'd be exhausted from trying to answer them all. She was the "Proctor hotline" as she could spread news from one family member to another quicker than you could even get one person called. She kept our family united together, even when we got bigger and bigger. She made the best potato soup and pan bread that you've ever eaten, and it thrilled her soul to be able to send me home with a bottle of hot sauce or a tube of toothpaste every time I visited her house. She loved the Lord and had a servant's heart. I miss her terribly even though she's been gone from us now for almost five years. Grandmommy- thank you for being my biggest supporter and constant friend. I love you and cannot wait to see you again one day.

My Popow was a hard worker. This is the first year that he won't be with us for granparents day, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas. He was a jokester and loved to tell the same jokes over and over. My fondest memories with him were going with him up to his 'shop' where he would do woodworking projects. I remember when he would take us for ice cream and we'd squeeze into his pickup truck. I remember being afraid of his driving even when I was a little girl! He would often carry us out to our car when we were little by throwing us over his shoulder and galloping wildly towards the car. He loved the Braves baseball team and he loved the Lord. He was as stubborn as could be and we had completely different political views. We all had to make sure not to mention the name "Bush" around him so he wouldn't get too fired up. He even took it so far that he wouldn't eat Bush beans because his belief that they were somehow affiliated. lol. He gave the best hugs of anyone that I know. I remember some of the last few times I got to hug him that I didn't want to let go. I wanted to remember how he smelled and felt and how tight he would squeeze me. Even now as I type it I can remember how that felt and I'm in tears missing him and my sweet Grandmommy. I am thankful that I got to be with both of them when they passed away to Heaven- what a peace we have knowing they are with the Lord! Even though it's only been a little over two months since Popow left us, I am at peace knowing without a doubt that they have given their lives to Jesus and that both he and Grandmommy are with him now.

The most important thing that these two did for all their children and grandchildren was to make sure that we  knew the Lord and then they made sure that we knew we were loved. They were such a constant presence in our life that we always had them to share things with. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss them and wish they were still here. Some days I think about how much Grandmommy would love meeting Mack and Karsyn and I wish that she was here so she could help me figure out what to do when they are fussy or difficult. I know that she would want to watch them for us, to play with them, and I'd love to watch her do the 'grandmaw rock' and for Popow to do the 'popow shuffle'.  I am sad for them that they won't get to know her and Popow, to benefit from their knowledge and strength.

I am blessed that my Dad's parents, Grandpaw and Granny, are still alive and healthy. They are an amazing couple that work harder than anyone else their age that I know. Granny still works two days a week at the hospital as a dietitian, and Grandpaw just recently retired from pastoring the same church for over 35 years! He and Granny now go to a local retirement home each week where they teach, conduct music, and have a sermon for the residents. They love to garden and they love Andy Griffith.  Growing up they lived right through the woods and past the pond from our house and so we frequently went to their house. Granny would make me 'macaronis' as she called them, and then share some of Grandpaw's chocolate ice cream with me. Grandpaw is a talented guitar and fiddle player and Granny can cook better than you've ever seen. She is patient and loving and kind, but don't get her mad. She is fiesty when she thinks someone has wronged one of her family members! She's a two time breast cancer survivor and one day I hope to have the faith that she demonstrates each day. One of my favorite memories with them was when they would take us Christmas shopping as little girls, or when granny would insist that ALL the grandkids got together and had our picture made at the volunteer fire department. We'd all pile in her car and head down there and the pictures turned out as awful as you've ever seen, every time! She loved them though, and they all still hang on her wall. Grandpaw tried to help me learn to play the fiddle, but it was much harder than I anticipated! He is patient and kind, and doesn't talk much so you know when he says something that you better listen up because it's important.

I am so very blessed to have the four grandparents that God gave me. My prayer is that one day my kids will have relationships with my parents and Marcus' parents like I got to have with mine. The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is so special and sacred and can't be replaced by anything else.

For those of you who still have grandparents living- go spend time with them! Sit and ask them to tell you stories about their families, their past, their marriages, etc. They have so much to teach us if we will take the time to listen! Hug them tight and tell them you love them. Make each day you have with them count!

Here are some pictures of my amazing grandparents:
My sweet Grandmommy

Popow made this toybox for Karsyn. It worried him that he never got one made for Mack. After he died, we found a perfect box that he had made and used as a clothes hamper that will make the perfect toybox for Mack.

Grandmommy was full of life. Here she is at my bridal shower.

Popow supervising at a family gathering. I always remember him sitting in this rocking chair at my moms.

Grandpaw and Granny always dress us to give out Christmas presents at their house. Granny made his costume by sowing white fabric onto a red bath robe. She is his helper reindeer.

God, thank you for the blessing of these four people and the impact they had on my life!

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  1. Love this, and love you! Said a prayer for you today!


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