Friday, September 9, 2011

An update!

Just wanted to share a few fun pictures we took recently of K and me. Also wanted to update you all on our sweet Karsyn Rose. If you've read this blog for long you may know that K has been quite the strong-willed child. I have posted about her many times (such as this post), and many of you have been on the receiving end of many conversations where I've been completely at a loss as to how to handle her. 

I am SO grateful to tell you that things are much improved! Some kids have 'terrible twos' and some hit it later, around three. For us, three has been SO much better! K is easier to talk to, she is learning to listen well, and the incidence of tantrums and fits is drastically reduced. 

I'm writing to give you hope. If you're a mom or dad or grandparent or babysitter at the end of your rope right now, tired of dealing with a child who constantly melts down in public, fights you about every decision, and is rarely happy...IT. GETS. BETTER! I promise! Be consistent. Be firm. Stick to the  consequences you tell them are going to happen. Try to read lots of good books on discipline and child rearing such as The Bible, The Strong Willed Child, and Shepherding a Child's Heart. Surround yourself with friends who can encourage you when you're having a really hard day, and give yourself permission to lose it every once in a while. Parent in love and continually ask for God's grace and help. 

Is K perfectly behaved? Not in the least. But we have come SO far. And I know that you and your child will, too. Keep hanging in there, doing the hard work of shaping their little will each day. God will bless your efforts. Love y'all!

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