Friday, January 21, 2011

This is the stuff...

Have you heard Francesca Batistelli's new song yet? It's called "This is the Stuff". Can I just tell you...this is totally the theme song to my life! I am perpetually losing something and having to go back and ask Marcus to help me find it. There have been AT LEAST five times that I've gone driving down the road with either my Blackberry or my car keys on top of the van. I don't even realize it until I hear something scraping on the roof and see them flying away in the rear view mirror. Talk about embarassing...having to comb through someone's front yard TWICE for the same reason in less than a week...yep, that's my life. I sincerely believe that God gave Marcus a unique ability to find things when I lose them.  I am disorganized despite my best intentions. I LOVE to have things in their place, but it just doesn't come naturally. And when I can't find things, it throws me into a tailspin and a not-so-nice attitude at times. Anyway, in the song she sings

"This is the stuff that drives me crazy
This is the stuff that's getting to me lately
In the middle of my little mess
I forget how big I'm blessed
This is the stuff that gets under my skin
But I gotta trust You know exactly what You're doing
It might not be what I would choose
But this is the stuff You use"

So break me of impatience
Conquer my frustrations
I've got a new appreciation
It's not the end of the world"

Today I was hit by all the sadness in the lives of those around me. Just this week I learned of a friend's miscarriage, one whose mother passed away after a long, hard fight with cancer, one who lost her entire house, her belongings, and well as her dog in a house fire, several who are sick, have lost their jobs, are injured, sad...the list goes on. And yet, here I sit, upset because I lost the memory card to my camera, my favorite running hat, and also can't find any of Karsyn's combs for her tangly hair because she carries everything off and it's never to be found again! I mean, there is absolutely no comparison. I am humbled and regretful that I let such small things get me to be bent out of shape..."In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed".

Today I'm praying for forgiveness and for a renewed spirit to look at things differently... like she sings "break me of my impatience, conquer my frustrations".
May each of you have a day where your eyes are open to how "big" we are all blessed!

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