Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Clean Home Challenge Day #10

Welcome to Day #10! You're doing great!

Today we're tackling two small jobs. Our pots/pans cabinet as well as our silverware drawers.

Here's my before shot of my pots and pans:

And my AFTER:

And here's my BEFORE of my silverware drawer:

Some of you may not understand this task, but let me show you why this job needs to be done:
See those little bits of food? That is in each of my silverware trays, and even when I clean it out, it appears again every few weeks.

I took out all the silverware, organized the pieces that weren't in the right spot, and then put them all back. Here's my AFTER shot:

Keep going, friends! Y'all are doing GREAT! Make sure you're sharing your pictures on our facebook page!

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