Thursday, January 19, 2012

Karsyn's Art

Karsyn has given up her afternoon nap.

We now have 'quiet time', which quite honestly, isn't all that quiet.

She stays in her room and plays with her toys, sings songs, plays Barbies, enjoys her dollhouse, talks to her animals, plays in her name it, she does it during quiet time. Except she does it all really loudly.

And I'm okay with that. She's learning independent play, she's having a good time, and I'm able to get a small amount of work done.

Today during her quiet time, she asked me for crayons and paper. The last time I let her do this she decided to color her carpet 'green like grass', so I was a little apprehensive. She persisted and convinced me that she had 'learned her lesson', so I let her have the items she requested.

When I returned to get her after quiet time had ended, this is what she showed me:

The exciting part is that her drawings of people are starting to slightly resemble what a stick figure should look like. If you don't have kids you probably won't understand the significance of this.

Upon closer inspection, here's what else she had included:

This little person was supposed to be me. And the blue squiggle of hair? She said "See Mommy, I even drew your crazy hair!" Ummm...maybe I should rethink my most recent haircut?! lol!

She tried to write Mommy. Now, I have no idea if she intended this or not, but it almost looks like she not only got an M in the right place, but also a 'y' at the end!

Our letter of the day today during table time was R. And she drew a big R that she made sure she pointed out to me. She also said that blue thing there is a sideways S, but to me it looks like CM. Either way, it's a letter! Progress!

She drew a flower with different colored petals and a big letter A. A is her favorite letter to write normally.

When I asked her what the little thing was to the left of my portrait, she said "it's a bird, of course!". But later she said, "no, it's not a bird. I'm going to make it be an angel".

Love this sweet picture and I love each of you!

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